Madina Warsame Development Organization activities in Benadir region
Madina Warsame Development Organization was founded on 29th march 1997 in Mogadishu, capital city of Somalia.
Madina Warsame Development Organization was founded on 29th March 1997 in Mogadishu, (capital city of Somalia), in order to decrease the illitracy rate in the country.
After the overthrow of Mohamed Si'ad Barre government, Somali children faced insecurity, malnutrition and an extended ignorance so Madina Warsame Development Organization organaized a system of a public education to assist somali children, operating in different parts of the country, such as: Benadir region, Middle shabelle Region, Lower shabelle Region, Galgaduud Region and some other regions in the country.
The members of the Madina warsame Development organization are as follows:- 1- Mrs. Sareeda Cali is the president.
2- Dr: Mohamud Mohamed Abdullahi is the principal of the Madina warsame schools.
3- Ing: Abdirisak Abukar Hersi is the designer, consulting and construction engineer of the organization's projects which are carried out in the fifferent regions of the country.
4- Mrs. Faduma Kulan is the cashier of the organization.
Madina Warsame Development Organization perfoms different educational activities in Benadir region.
The organization built a four-storey school building in Hamar Gedit village of Wardhigley district, where Somali children whose parents are not able to pay the school fee are taught regularly without fee.
Madina Warsame School consists of all four educational stages: 1- Kindergarten 2- Elementary 3- Primary 4- Secondary.
The numbers of the students at the school are over 800, mixed with boys and girls.
The girls and the boys are treated equally at Madina warsame School by the headteacher and teachers.
Extra-curricular activities such as games sports and traditional dancing required for these activities cater equally well for girls and boys, and they both have equal opportunities to participate in all these activities.
The school has a large well-furnished hall where the students can exchange their feeling and thoughts of their educational activities like drama, compitions and quiz which are very intersting for the students.
In the school there is a big library full of many interesting books. The students come and read the books in the library at the break or in their free time. Those who like reading very much come back in the evening to enjoy reading in the library.
Next door is the .T.V room,. where the students relax watching the football march and whats going on in their country and in the world.
There is also a sewing-machine section in the school. some of the students and their mothers from the neighborhood come amd learn sewing lessons 5 days a week. They first learn how to sew pockets and buttons on the skirts, pants and shirts. Then they sew every piece of cloth together to make a dress or a suit by sewing-machine.
In addition to that there is also a computer section which is open in the afternoon and the students return and learn computer lessons and programs. They also use internet to get the information from their friends in country or outside the country and send them their E-mails.
The price for a normal text book is at least 30$, which is of a tremendous value for a poor student in Somalia, so the school has got a printing machine which prints books for the students.
The school water supply is constant because there is a well in the left corner of the school building, so the students get enough water from the tap water running.
The school enjoys a good reputation among the somali society and is well known in the country.
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has a prevalence of about 95 per cent in Somalia and is primarily performed on girls between the ages of four and 11.
This traditional practice is embedded deep within Somali culture, and the belief is widely held that FGM is necessary to “cleanse” a girl child. In some communities, girls cannot be married without it.
The health consequences of FGM are both immediate and life-long. Research has shown that FGM adversely affects the physical, mental and psycho-social well being of Somali girls and women.
A sensitive, long-term approach that ensures community ownership is required to achieve consensus about eradication of FGM in Somali communities, especially when being addressed within the context of religion (Islam).
Madina Warsame Development Organization led workshops have been successful in bringing together a large contingent of participants (official authorities, religious leaders, youth, educators, women and men) to debate, discuss, and reach consensus about total eradication of FGM.

Madina Warsame Development Organization built houses made of corrugated iron of sheets in hamar Gedit for many poor families who were not able to get shelter from the sun and cold at night. All daily educating system in the city led by Madina Warsame Development Organization collapsed when Ethiopian troops occupied the city and bombarded every village in the city. At that time the school students and their families escaped from the city and fled to the refuge camps outside the city. Fortunately the school administration managed to continue teaching for form four and form three students in two classes offered by Imran Primary and Secondary School in Medina ( a district in the south of the city). These two classes finally won their secondary certificate in the academic years of 2007 - 2008, 2008 - 2009. Madina Warsame Development Organization operates different activities in Benadir region that are very important for Benadir community like:
1- Educating different parts of the community.
2- Raising sanitation.
3- Helping the poor and the displaced people.
4- creating different skills to younger generation.
5- Motivating the local community to create peace in their area.
6- Participating peace conferences in the city.
The organization has already contributed humanitarian aid to displaced people in Benadir region. The contribution aid contained: Cash, Clean water, Rice, beans, Maize and oil for cooking. All Aid receivers were very pleased and grateful to the organization to its kind help and how it felt sorry for their uncommon problems created by Ethiopian occupation.

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